He will meet with the player on the outskirts of Cherrygrove City, battling to get through. A policeman will later ask for the name of the rival, and the rival will be called the name the player gives for the rest of the game. Pokémon Gold ja Pokémon Silver (jap. The Pokémon Ho-oh and Lugia, respectively, are featured in the boxart.A special version named Pokémon Crystal, which had the Pokémon Suicune on the cover, … During the player's journey to Mr. Pokémon's house, Silver makes his move, stealing one of Elm's two remaining starter Pokémon (coincidentally always the one that is strong against the player's choice).
During development, they were originally known as Pokémon 2: Gold and Silver.An enhanced version, Pokémon Crystal was later released.

The titles are among the top 20 rated DS games in the site's database.In Japan, the games sold over 1.48 million units within the first two days of release, topping the Japanese sales chart that week.

Even towards his own Pokemon, Silver remains cruel, treating them only as weapons of power. Like the first 3 games, Gold and Silver each offer a slightly different mix of Pokémon, and it's your job to catch 'em all! By the time the player reaches Indigo Plateau, Silver battles against the player not out of malice, but to prove that he is a good Trainer. "Silver" may be his most popular default name, because it appeared in two games, while all of the others appear only in one game each. A remastered version of the games was released as Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver ten years after … Moon, and though he loses he claims he can feel his Pokémon getting stronger, and resolves to train at Dragon's Den. New technologies are available to help you. ポケットモンスター 金・銀, Poketto Monsutā Kin Gin) ovat toinen osa Game Freakin kehittämässä ja Nintendon julkaisemassa Pokémon-videopelisarjassa Game Boy Color-käsikonsolille.Ne julkaistiin ensimmäiseksi Japanissa vuonna 1999, Australiassa ja Pohjois-Amerikassa 2000 ja Euroopassa 2001. . This is further expressed in Generation IV when his starter Pokémon starts to follow him around, much like the player's Pokémon; Professor Elm even expressly states that Silver's Pokémon have come to trust him when Silver returns to the lab, presumably to return the starter he stole.
Silver's default name varies between the games that he appears in: His default name is Silver in Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Crystal, Gold in Pokémon Silver, Soul in Pokémon HeartGold and Heart Pokémon SoulSilver. He is defeated and departs to continue training. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When battled the seventh time at Indigo Plateau, Silver seems to have finally learned to care for his Pokémon properly, as his Golbat has evolved to Crobat, which only occurs when Golbat is very friendly. Similar to Pokémon Gold and Silver, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver take place in the Johto and Kanto regions of the franchise's fictional universe. Le PokéWalker, un podomètre vendu avec les jeux, permet de se promener avec un Pokémon, transféré depuis la cartouche par connexion infrarouge. The universe centers on the existence of creatures, called Pokémon, with special abilities.The silent protagonist is a young Pokémon trainer who lives in a small town referred to as New Bark Town. Pokémon Gold and Silver are a pair of role playing games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The player battles Silver on Mt.

He does not appear at all on Friday or the weekends, indicating that he may in fact take the day off, resting his Pokémon. An all-new world of Pokémon awaits you with Pokémon Gold and Silver. The goal of the game is to become the best trainer in Johto and Kanto, which is done by raising Throughout the game, the player will battle against members of An initial rumor started in early May 2009 that Nintendo planned to remake In response to the news confirming the development of The games' reception has been positive, having an aggregate score of 87 on Metacritic.

Pokémon_Gold_և_Silver.jpg ‎ (250 × 250 փիքսել, նիշքի չափը՝ 28 ԿԲ, MIME-տեսակը՝ image/jpeg) Ամփոփում [ խմբագրել | խմբագրել կոդը ] Ոչ ազատ պատկերի տվյալներ և օգտագործման հիմնավորում Pokémon Gold և Silver հոդվածի համար Pokémon Gold and Silver are two role-playing video games made by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color handheld. When talked to, he will deny everything and push the player away. He also verbally insults and antagonizes other trainers that he faces against. Pokémon Or HeartGold et Argent SoulSilver reprennent le système de jeu des précédents opus, Pokémon Diamant et Perle en y apportant quelques innovations, à la manière des précédents opus de la série principale des jeux vidéo Pokémon.. They are the second games in the Pokémon series, and increased the number of Pokémon to 251. In Silver appears as a event-exclusive five-star sync pair in In terms of personality, Silver is the darkest of the rivals in the series.

Silver first appears lurking outside of Professor Elm's lab, looking through the window. He does, however, express genuine happiness when Elm allows him to keep the Pokémon he stole. While most other rivals are generally good-natured, or at least zestful enough to crack a joke at the player, Silver is (at first) cruel, hateful, power-obsessed and even physically abusive, pushing the player character around several times. Pokémon Crystal, een speciale editie, werd ongeveer een jaar later in elke regio uitgebracht voor de Game Boy Color. Following Silver's final encounter with the player and after the player has become Champion, Silver can be found training on Tuesday and Thursday in the Dragon's Den, where he cannot be battled, and will appear at Indigo Plateau on Monday and Wednesday to challenge the player to a battle, should he or she appear. Even after he starts to become kinder, he remains a rather serious individual. Pokémon Gold en Silver zijn de tweede tranche van de Pokémonreeks ontwikkeld door Game Freak en uitgegeven door Nintendo voor de Game Boy.Ze werden voor het eerst in Japan uitgebracht in 1999, in Australië en Noord-Amerika in 2000 en in Europa in 2001.