SWOC Analysis

Mechanism for SWOC Analysis:

A core team of Heads of the departments (Arts & Science) has been constituted with Principal as chairperson. The team meets periodically and has brain storming sessions in participatory mode. Sub-committees have also been constituted which have diverse groups from Arts and Science departments, establishment section, library staff, alumni and students. This helps to work-out and determine the institutional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and Challenges and accordingly the action plan is drafted as per the priorities.


  • It is oldest shelter for higher education in the region of Central Coal-field India Limited, caters to the educational needs of the marginalized low-income group of local population. Co-educational multi-disciplinary college with populous strength of girls’ students.
  • Only constituent college in the radius of 50 K.M.
  • Sufficient number of classroom well equipped laboratories and rich library.
  • Ranging free and eco friendly campus of the institution.
  • Faculty members are highly qualified and hard working and well supported by active and dedicated staff members.
  • In spite of high student teacher ratio and limited resources, the performance of students in university examination is highly commendable in comparison to the other institutions.
  • Several students of this college participate in various cultural activities and inter college sports competition with great vigor and bags prizes for the college, thereby, giving stud to the crown of the college
  • The College is a leader in extracurricular activities like Cultural Activities, NSS etc. and has won many Inter-College competitions. It is the winner of Inter-College Football Tournament.
  • The College has a dedicated teaching & non – teaching staff who has been handling and running the institution against all odds.
  • The Principal of the college is highly active and competent. He takes keen interest in all sorts of problems / issues related to students and academic environment.


  • Our College is situated amidst hazardous & unhygienic coal dust, propagated due to heavy vehicles trafficking of Central Coal Field Limited (Govt. of India), all around surrounded by open coal mines, over-burdened scraps and heavy boulders, dumped by CCIL adjacent to the campus and very near to the classrooms. New construction/ Infrastructural Majors are not viable at this place
  • College campus possesses very small area of only 10.2 acres.
  • Very old and obsolete architecture and insufficient infrastructures.
  • For sports activities playground is not available for major games.
  • Geographically difficult, diverse uneven and naxal effected area.
  • Unavailability of communication signals - 2G, 3G & 4G
  • There is ardent requirement for immediate recruitment of teaching & non - teaching staff.
  • College is not having Boy’s hostel, Principal’s residence, Faculty & staff quarters which are urgently needed.
  • The College needs more autonomy and financial support in order to develop with good pace.
  • Intermediate (+2) level teaching creates extra burden on the institution.


  • There is ample scope for technical/vocational courses to be started in the college so as to make it a better center of learning.
  • There are opportunities in the field of sports and other extra and co- curricular activities as the college has won several laurels in all such areas.
  • There is an opportunity for synergic collaboration with neighboring institutions/ organization.
  • There are ample opportunities to incorporate ICT and E-learning.


  • To keep premises, clean in dusty location.
  • Unhealthy & unhygienic conditions.
  • It is almost impossible for our college to digitize the system, start E-learning and to take the benefit of Digital India due to unavailability of communication network.
  • Quite high Students - Teacher ratio.
  • Paucity of space.
  • Financial constraints.
  • Lack of teaching & non - teaching staff.
  • Starting of more vocational courses.

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